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Foundry Services


The melting of the various alloys at the ProCast foundry is performed using three 1800 pound high frequency coreless furnaces with a maximum melting capacity of 3600 pounds. Most of the critical alloys melted at the foundry use AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization) or VOD (Vacuum oxygen decarburization) master melt ingots to insure the highest quality corrosion properties as well as metal strength properties. The use of the highest melt materials is what elevates the ProCast foundry above most of its competitor foundries.

Most of the alloys melted at the ProCast foundry are melted under inert gas shielding using the SPAL® process, insuring extremely low gas content of all alloys produced. Nickel based alloys which are highly susceptible to gas pick-up are successfully cast while using the same inert gas SPAL® process.