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Foundry Services

Rapid Pattern Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art Pattern Shop utilizes a 5 Axis CNC Router to create patterns accurately, quickly, and inexpensively. This technology allows us to move from the traditional pattern making methods, based on 2D drawings, to modern computer-based 3D modeling and machining. The use of 3D models downloaded directly into the 5 Axis CNC Router removes the ambiguity inherent in 2D drawings.

The ProCast™ pattern shop functions as both a stand alone pattern shop to build or repair patterns and as an integral part of the ProCast foundry. The ProCast pattern shop employees include three journeymen pattern makers skilled in the production of wood patterns from either pattern/casting drawings or reverse engineering existing parts and producing patterns from even severly worn parts. Short lead time pattern production is a specialty of the ProCast pattern shop with the ability to produce high quality patterns in lead times that few pattern shops can match.

The pattern shop builds quality patterns and core boxes out of pine, mahogany woods, styrofoam, and aluminum for any type of casting part. Highly skilled in the production of pump part patterns, the ProCast pattern shop is especially skilled in the production of patterns and core boxes for any type of pump impeller. Core boxes for impellers can be made with either plastic or aluminum vanes, depending on the customer's requirements.

The ProCast pattern shop is also an integral part of the ProCast foundry in helping to produce quality castings. Designing patterns to be "foundry friendly" is a trademark of their quality work. Next time you are looking to have a pattern made for your casting requirements, give the ProCast pattern shop a chance to give you a free quote.