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Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper Replacements

ProCast offers replacement parts for many current and obsolete pump models and other types of rotating equipment.

Our ProCast team provides an array of engineered replacement pump parts to customers in the pulp & paper industry
  • Sulzer/Ahlstrom (Models - APT/APP, MC, Z Series, LRS/LST, EPT/EPP)
  • Worthington (FRB, FRBH, CNG, LN, LNN, LR, D1011)
  • Warren (3202, DB, DLB, PL/PH)
  • Bingma (CF, CFO, CD, CAD, VLTM)
  • KSB
  • Black Clawson
  • I-R (ALV, HLV)
  • Peerless
  • Durco
  • ...and many others

Parts Available:

ProCast also offers many non-pump replacement parts for the pulp & paper industry.

  • Agitators (Beloit-Jones, Impco, Ingersoll-Rand)
  • Paper Machines (Beloit-Jones, Voith, Tampella, Valmet)
  • Refiners (Beloit, Voith, Tampella, Valmet)
  • Mixers (Impco, Sunds, Kamyr, Lightnin)
  • Fiberlizers (Impco, Ingersoll-Rand)
  • ...and many others