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Case Studies

Hydraulic Re-rate – Drop-In Replacement

Problem: Existing United 12” DSD’s crude oil pumps provided unreliable operation due to frequent shaft breakage.  

Solution: ProCast, working with Engineered  Upgrades, provided hydraulically re-rated drop-in replacements with many design upgrades to improve reliability and life cycle. Expensive modifications to piping and foundation avoided.    

Hydraulic Design Upgrades
Hydraulic re-rate using Goulds’ 3409 10x14-20S impeller.

Mechanical Design Upgrades
Casing and Bearing Housing material upgrade from from cast iron to WCB carbon steel.
API compliance upgrades include finned bearing housing & enlarged diameter seal chamber.
Improved shaft design

Additional Benefits
Casing external dimension have been maintained so expensive changes to the piping and foundation are not required.