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Case Studies

Pulp & Paper/ Data Re-engineering

This is a case study of how ProCast solved a serious problem that  large pulp & paper customer, was having with their Fan Pump (the most critical pump in the paper mill).

The problem centers around a (Flowserve) I-R 30 ALV  Fan Pump installed in 1951.  Over the years, for environmental reasons, closed up it’s system, resulting in lower pH levels. The pump casing was cast iron, over the years the lower PH levels took their toll on the casing. It was discovered late in the game when they borascoped the casing and found out the casing was not going to last much longer.

The ideal solution would have been to replace with a new pump but time was not on their side and delivery on a 3420 30x36-42 in 316SS at that time was 52 weeks.  They did not believe the casing was going to last that long. The other issue with buying a new pump was they only had a short outage which did not allow the time to change piping centerlines and foundations, required for a new pump. There was also the problem of very little room for any changes because of the tight fit under the paper machine.