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ProCast Multi-Stage Casings

ProCast Multi-Stage Casings in 6A Super Duplex
Desalinization Service - Australia

Problem: Customer experienced reliability and high maintenance concerns with OEM casings due to poor quality castings with high porosity.

Casting Simulation Modeling prior to pouring casting to ensure high quality castings.
VOD (Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization) Refining process (in lieu of standard AOD) is a superior casting process for super duplex preventing cracking for which 6A is prone.
Proprietary Heat Treat and Quenching techniques and procedures  to alleviate sigma phasing & cracking for which 6A is prone.
Other NDE performed to ensure quality castings.
RT – Level 3 (critical areas)
PT – ASNT Level II
UT – ASNT Level II
G48 Corrosion & Charpy Impact Test